3D Human Pose Reconstruction with MeTRAbs

2022-08-11 11:00

metrabs, pose estimation, 3D, p5js, colab

Since OpenPifPaf only creates 2D coordinates i experimented with István Sárándi's (RWTH Aachen University) MeTRAbs Absolute 3D Human Pose Estimator.

The results are quite impressive in 2D and 3D. The source video was recorded with a GoPro Hero5 in wide angle mode from a low angle. The skeleton coordinates seem to be correct.

Here is an image rendering the motions on top of a still image:

For a 3D capturing it would be better to capture the scene in front of the person instead of the side. So the measurements could be synced to the video's pixels.

Metrabs from video - Google Colab Notebook (2D and 3D)
p5js visualization 3D
p5js visualization 2D