3D Human Pose Reconstruction with MeTRAbs

2022-08-11 11:00

metrabs, pose estimation, 3D, p5js, colab

Since OpenPifPaf only creates 2D coordinates i experimented with István Sárándi's (RWTH Aachen University) MeTRAbs Absolute 3D Human Pose Estimator . The results are quite impressive in 2D and 3D. The source video was recorded with a GoPro Hero5 in wide angle mode from a low angle. The skeleton co …

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OpenPifPaf in Google Colab

2022-08-09 09:00

colab, openpifpaf

My workstation at the lab did not wakeup after rebooting. So i went to Google Colab to analyse some videos with OpenPifPaf. OpenPifPaf creates 2D coordinates of the skeleton plotted in the video or as JSON. Link to the OpenPifPaf Video Runtime

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